Introducing ‘Project Writers Speaking’

It excites us at TASW to introduce a new project to you. One called; ‘Project Writers Speaking’ . This project is aimed at airing the views of writers because we feel it is our right to say our mind on how we feel concerning major issues in Nigeria. We dare to say that it is […]

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KOLA Awards Night

With over 8 months invested in making planning; The KOLA Awards and launch of KOLA Magazine was a huge success. The Incredible Destiny Iyere emerged as the KOLA Kid of the 2013 for his creativity. Other awardees include: Dennis Bitkop the 17 years old shoemaker entrepreneur, Esther Ibang Etang the 10 years old public speaker, […]

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KOLA Magazine Unveiling+ KOLA Awards Ceremony

MARK THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES ON YOUR CALENDER Friday 29th November, 2013:  Unveiling of KOLA Magazine Front Cover @ Silverbird Entertainment Centre, Abuja Nigeria. Sunday 1st December, 2013:  KOLA Awards Grand Ceremony & KOLA Magazine Launch @ Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotels & Towers, Abuja Nigeria. KOLA Awards is funded by The Miles Morland Foundation, UK.

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UK Based Charitable Organization Funds KOLA Awards for Kids

A UK based charitable organization, Miles Morland Foundation, which focuses on promoting arts and positive causes that affects Africans has donated funds for the KOLA Awards for Kids. According to the co-founder of The African Street Writer (TASW), Simeon Ebechidi, ‘the award planning and logistics was made possible through the funding of Miles Morland Foundation; a […]

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The African Street Writer’s Mountain Hike (A Special Tribute to Chinua Achebe)

The death of Chinua Achebe has created a great vacuum in the global literary scene. This is one main reason why The African Street Writer, in honour of Chinua Achebe held a mountain hike which was centered on paying tributes to the great literary icon on the 30th of March, in Abuja, the Nigerian capital. […]

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Voices- An anthology of contemporary art and literature

We were taught in elementary school that a noun is a name of a person, place or thing. Ancient, medieval and contemporary literature has encouraged lots of conversations around persons and things, but hardly places.  Yet places have marked the backbone of every narrative, every art, every work of literature, and in a lot of […]

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Cover BOW Vol 2

A review of Belly Bature’s “A Bellyful of Words Vol. 2”

by Oberaifo Omoyeme Ejeme Click HERE to download A Bellyful of Words Vol. 2 The ability to write is one thing, that is why almost anyone can write articles or stories, but then the separating factor between a very good writer and a regular plain (for lack of a better word) writer is the ability to […]

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campus antho pics


Entries are now received for The Nation’s CAMPUSLIFE Anthology in celebration of the sterling achievements of late Mrs. Ngozi Agbo, initiator and editor of CAMPUSLIFE, an eight-page pull-out in The Nation Newspapers on Thursday. Till date, Ngozi is reputed to have led the most vibrant campus journalism cum youth development initiative in Nigeria. Theme: Securing […]

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“Malcolm” by Chambers Umezulike

Political Thriller – Human Rights Activism novel Pages: 172 pages (Ms-Word) Number of chapters: 10 Word Count: 72,513. Settings: Argentina, Nigeria and Australia. Synopsis: Upon the return of civil rule to Nigeria, six retired army Generals led by Retired General Usman Ibrahim Shata, GCFR, GCON, GCVO, float a political party, The African Democratic Party (ADP) […]

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Better World Books

Better World Books Calls for Submissions

Better World Books is a German based publishing firm and an affiliation of A Better World Movement, a movement of earnest seekers of a better world, with works in human rights activism and humanitarianism. The mandate of Better World Books is to raise immense awareness of human rights violations, abuses, neglects, denials, advocacy, protection, awareness […]

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Selected Entries for KOLA Magazine 2014

KOLA Magazine 2014 is themed “The Future of the African Child”. A lot of entries were received for the magazine. This goes to show that the future of the African Child is a very important issue which everyone concerns him/herself with. The entries were numerous as they were diverse in style, in content and in […]

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Bowers Tower "Layipo"

Free Ebook: Tales from Ibadan’s Highest Hills

by ALLI S. Abiola and Adebote Seyifunmi   This may sound very strange but it still remains a place of cultural relevance and a site of rich history in the city of Ibadan. Oke-Are is “a land inhabited by great people of honour” so said one of the elders of the land – Alh. Mudashiru. […]

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Call for Submission ‘The Future of the African Child’

Hello African Street Writers, Last year, for KOLA Magazine 2013, we talked about what it meant to be African for a child. The good, bad, ugly and colourful aspects of being an African child and a lot was said. This year, we want to look into the future to see what it holds for the […]

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A Prize Winning Entry By Miracle Adebayo   Eavesdropping has always come easily to me. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. Well, it’s saved me a couple of times and of course, also put me in a bit of trouble. But, what can I say? I’d much rather eavesdrop than […]

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A Prize Winning Entry By Moses Chibueze Opara   We shaved our beards under the sky of poverty under the rain; we roamed in tattered pants of brutality. Bruise with rods of hunger, mental slavery took over our land and made us hopeless to see. We searched for a hand to save us from the […]

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